Best photos of 2019!

At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.
Browse through this gallery to find the best images uploaded to our site in 2019.


By North of 60

Barred Owl on a snowy day

By watson_123

Next Generation

By tonyjoyce


By ericbouchard_

after the prize

By jpiccolo

Modern Nunavut

By North of 60

Morant's Curve

By CatherinePage

Vibrant Sunrise City

By LisaBourgeault

Standing Watch

By liammcilvenna97

Dream morning on Moraine Lake

By not_set_ed5f50d444a99a17a2d62e4a1a48864a

Lightning Crashes...

By gemini8026

Hummingbird in the rain

By mattbpei

Juvenile red-tailed hawk

By GabeMiller

Kalamalka Lake.

By ShinichiKuroda


By Debra Plett

Canola Farm

By GabeMiller

Chase is On

By Wayne_Duke

Quiet Watch

By Hawkeye

Gimme Shelter

By Ryan Wunsch

_Baffin Island_Mountains at Ice Edge_Eclypse Sound_

By vachon

Cape Spear Sunrise

By prairiegirl77

Bighorn Sheep

By AndreAudet

Storm rolling into Banff

By Jeffrey Clifford

Sooke's Sillouette

By j_maes

Gosling under wing

By 1ColettePerras

Crocus flowers at sunset

By JenniferSugden

American Bittern Takes Flight

By Joe Wilson


By liammcilvenna97

Old Friends

By Laurence Stassen

Keeping Up

By WilliamLam

Peggy’s Cove

By LauraHorne

The Essence of Nova Scotia

By Marissa McKean


By WilliamLam

white breasted nuthatch

By seguro

Backyard Bobcat 1

By Bill_Bain

Snowy Garry Oak

By crackerjackflash

Sneaky Pine Marten

By watson_123

A gull through the sea smoke

By Brent Wilson

They were Kung Fu fighting

By Isabelle_V

Three Trees Winter Sunset

By not_set_5b3259e525822ebaadab25bb3154a2ae

What Music Looks Like

By Les Piccolo