Best photos of 2016!

At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.
Browse through this gallery to find the best images uploaded to our site in 2016.

NIght Owl

By Ted Gough

The great migration

By weronikamurray

Humpback Fishing in Fog

By Jenny_Stevens

Glowing Tent on Georgian Bay

By Steve_E

I walk alone

By jillwhamond

Fox Basking in the Morning Sun

By randyk

Autumn Canoe in the Mist

By April Phinney

Date Night

By mariammagsi

Enchanted Forest

By Nick Taffs

Only Treats

By Pamela Beale

Credit River

By ShaunBooth


By Geoffrey_Shuen

Boreal Forest

By gordonpusnik


By ShawnMontreuil


By SharifGalal

Sunshine through the trees

By Shellcanada71

Prairie storm

By jomajko

vaureal falls in anticosti national park quebec

By TrevorLowthers

Sunrise on Panorama Ridge

By DexterMcMillan

Sparkling Water

By Hawkeye

Milky Way in Peggy's Cove

By ros_rheaume

Pure Love

By Alpinewolf

Dark and Stormy Night

By LauraSnyder

A Prairie View

By Ian McGregor

St. John's

By philippe_friolet


By kristirene

Floating through Space

By Stefanie

Feeding time

By RobertGuimont

Baltimore Oriole

By Gord Sawyer


By SandyThompson

Light catcher

By DenisSemenov

Surprised Stag.

By ScarlettWulf

Epic Battle

By KyleBreckenridge

Scratching off the winter itch

By Garrine Tsang

Fly by

By Kim_Symon

Athabasca Ice Cave

By ZackSplaine

Snowy Owl Departs on an Ice Flow

By not_set_204e14d3b877a1fa39e475b333193287

Lynx family

By MelodyMcKenzie

Room With a View

By garycummins

Sunrise Skirmish at the Window Feeder

By laura4

tornados on the lake

By Scott_L._Teichman

Sundog over Ice Hotel

By Virginia Anne MacDonald


By CatherinePage

Heavy Breathing

By TheFewOfUs

Lining Up the shot

By TimHall

waiting for my lunch date

By NickiWilliams

Winter Lynx

By aprilstampe