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I am a proud father of my daughter Olivia, and husband of my loving wife, Tanya. Based out of Airdrie, Alberta, I am fortunate to have unlimited potential for capturing the natural world. Landscapes from mountains, waterfalls, prairies, alpine lakes and semi-arid deserts are within an afternoon drive of my front door. Photography is the way I express how I see the world. I love to explore new places and experience new challenges along the way. From a technical aspect, photography has always been a challenge for me. I am a stubborn person, proud to be self taught. Every lesson learned has been the hard way. I have had to learn the art of patience (my wife would say is very selective). The biggest struggle for me however, has been learning how to slow it down and soak it in. Getting out with my camera has taken me to so many places I never would have dreamed of, and has given me a different way to appreciate my surroundings. I thrive off of facing my fears and travelling to places that are not well known. Everywhere I go, I now have a tendency to see things in a new perspective that I never would have noticed before I picked up my first camera. If you have any questions or interest in my work, feel free to drop me a line anytime. Thank you for your interest in my photography. Sincerely, Nick Taffs




Nick Taffs commented on "Hooked" 2017-02-14 7:20pm

Not a reflection. It was quite simple really. I drilled down through the ice two thirds of the way down and then put the camera down the hole on my mitt so it wouldn't get wet and then used a remote shutter to snap the shot looking up at me. In my other hand is the iPad I was using for the shutter. I poured a water bottle down around the hole to get the ice to look really glassy. I made sure to drill the hole all the way after I was done so nobody would break their ankle in an empty hole. This allows the water to freeze up in a safe manner.