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Autumn Lake Reflections

A scenic view of trees reflecting into a peaceful lake at a Calgary park

By Lisa Bourgeault
Goin' in for the Kill

I was waiting for a long time for this shot. Like. 45 mins. And I was sitting in the snow, literally, so I could keep my camera steady. I kinda started to look around, thinking he ain't gonna go anywhere. But I seen him lift up like he was gonna fly, so I got ready for it. He sat back down and then looked over at me (as if to say, get ready, cause here's your shot) and then took the dive for whatever it is he found. I even thanked him for that one! Haha 😁

By Lisa Fitzpatrick
Foggy night

In Montebello, Quebec, Canada.

By Eric Bouchard
Buck Eating the Leaves

A lone Buck was eating the Leaves off a Tree

By Jeff Van Kuik
Blue Heron

This Blue Heron braved the cold winter of central Alberta and fished the open waters of the Raven river where the water supplies the Raven Trout Brood Station. A wonderful place to visit and hike the trails.

By Shannon Carson

Playful wolves

By shelley jacques
Hummingbird Moth

In my garden.

By shelley jacques
Downy Woodpecker

This downy woodpecker was busy hoping along this branch listening for its next meal

By Cheryl Dumoulin
American Goldfinch

This goldfinch was busy plucking out the fluff to get at the delicious seeds underneath

By Cheryl Dumoulin
Green Heron

Green heron posing at dusk

By Cheryl Dumoulin
Green Herons in hunting mode

I was able to capture this pair of green herons at dusk hunting together on this fallen tree in a local pond

By Cheryl Dumoulin
Slow fall

Long exposure of fallen leaves in Tremblant national park

By Nunzio Guerrera
Yellow Autumn

Fall colors in Ttemblant national park Quebec

By Nunzio Guerrera
Helmcken Falls

Standing 141 m (463 ft) high this waterfall is within the Wells Gray Provincial Park in central British Columbia, Canada. It's the fourth highest waterfall in Canada. It's June but as evidenced by the ice at the bottom of the falls, the water is freezing cold.

By Gabor Dosa

Portrait of a white-tail deer.

By shelley jacques
The Light Pathway

A sunset at Waterton Lakes National Park

By Fraz Anjum
Standing On Guard For Thee

This Plains Bison Bull was particularly cooperative this morning at Elk Island NP

By Richard Walsh
Pink Salmon In Puntlegde River

This is a photo of a Pink Salmon in a creek resting away from the strong rapids of the Puntledge River, Courtenay, BC. I went on a nature walk along the river and saw the salmon in the creek and had to come back with with my camera & uw housing.

By Colby Kammerer
Pink Salmon in Elk Falls Canyon

Here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia around the end of Summer to Autumn, we are lucky to have our wild salmon running through our river systems for spawning. This this is a photo of a Pink Salmon in the Canyon of Elk Falls, Campbell River, BC

By Colby Kammerer
Dark Autumn

Autumn reflection in Tremblant national park Quebec

By Nunzio Guerrera