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Magic At Sundown

There were many stunning sunsets on Bonar Lake Ontario Canada, but this one was just incredible. The heavens were glowing with the rich hues of orange, red, gold, blue and purple. This calm remote northern Ontario lake reflected the fiery clouds and sky, the Pine trees and horizon were in silhouette and the scene was nothing short of magical.

By Debbie Oppermann
Bright Aurora Dancing in the dark

Taken on a cool Autumn night in Carmacks, Yukon. 2019

By Geraldine Khan
Grabbin' Some Rays

Northern water snake basking in the early autumn sun

By Steve Phillips
Fall sunset

I caught the true beauty of the changing seasons as the sun sets in the beautiful wilderness of northern Alberta, Canada.

By Lucille St.Arnault
Northern Flicker

Managed to catch this Northern Flicker before its take off. Taken at the mill pond located in Hespeler Ontario.

By Scott Young
fall in Agawa Canyon

picture of one of many taken going through the canyon the train

By Carol Ann White
Dancing in the sky

A beautiful night with aurora dancing in the sky

By Geraldine Khan
Northern Parula

A juvenile male taken during reverse migration back to his winter range

By Arvo Poolar
Northern hawk owl

Northern hawk owl in the snow storm

By Dariusz Slowik
Firey Leaves with Christmas Around the Corner

Northern Ontario foliage is preparing for the winter as the trees change colours and the pine trees are ready for the winter.

By Angela Davis-Witty
Alpha Male Gives an Evil Eye

The largest land mammal of North America this herd of Wood Bison (Bison bison athabascae) were found foraging the grasses along the highway. Both male, female and young were apart of this small herd that find their home in the Northern Boreal Forest. Edzo Region, Northwest Territories, Canada.

By Greg Shchepanek
Aurora canoe selfie

Here is a photo I took of myself during an amazing Aurora show in northern Alberta

By Paul Lavoie
Northern beauty

A gorgeous fall day in Prince Albert National Park

By Alexandra Pope
Lights Of Heaven

An abandoned church in Sk Canada.

By Jeff Wizniak
Gannet in a dive

Northern Gannet diving for fish in North Rustico

By Matt Beardsley
Gannet in the evening grey

Northern Gannet photographed off the breakwater in North Rustico after a brief rain shower.

By Matt Beardsley
Who Goes There

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake near a rookery (birthing) site in the South Okanagan

By Jake Veenman
Female Northern Cardinal

A frequent visitor to my back garden always a welcome guest!

By Patti Hobbs
Fire in the Sky

On a 10 second timer I had enough time to run into the shot and look up. It is the only time I've seen the Aurora with a pink hue before!

By Ryan Wood
Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky preserve is a good place to experience a pristine sky full of stars. Sometime we can also capture the northern lights with a long exposure. Some people claiming these lights can be seen with the naked eye during a major solar storm in this southern part of Ontario.

By Balamuraly Pushparajah