Best photos of 2015!

At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.
Browse through this gallery to find the best images uploaded to our site in 2015.

Lining Up the shot

By TimHall

Flying High

By Les Piccolo

Drop of Ice

By BethThomander

Christmas Blues

By Nina_Stavlund

Rocky Mountain

By ConnieKerik

Horse Creek Freeze Up

By Darrel Giesbrecht


By Trudy_Ferguson

Smooth Sailing


Lone Wolf

By KentNonomura

Through the Fog

By Chris_Godin_photography

Not from this world

By muriversum

Harvest Time on the Prairies

By hartmanc10

Bridge to the Nature

By SherwinCalaluan

5:30 Am

By KyleBreckenridge

Play Among The Stars

By David L.Labrie

End Of The Road

By DanSedran

King of the night

By Mathieu Dumond

Here girl!

By Hawkeye

Sunset on Peggy's Cove

By gagnefel

Fun with Pigeon Guillemots

By LittleWings

Herbert Lake Sunset

By Jesse Schpakowski

Canada Day Guelph 2015

By DavidPreston

Light Show

By DanSedran

if I kiss you will you be my prince...

By Isabelle_V

At a Snail's Pace

By Dale Matthies

Getting along

By Mado

Hare in the sunset

By Mathieu Dumond


By Garrine Tsang

compound eyes

By Mazyar Jalayer

Cycling the Seawall

By JamieNapier

Stuck in the Mud

By Ryan Wunsch

please let it be's snowing

By Isabelle_V


By keithgraham

Tepee at Midnight Nothern Lights

By JenniferHemmings

Auroral Explosion

By Nebojsa Novakovic

Taking Flight

By sandilittle

pardon us.. we're just a bit flighty!

By hmellon

R.C. Harris Water Filtration Plant - Toronto

By wsself

Hurry up!

By Lady_Jane

Morning light

By lifeinthelens

Renforth Ice Shacks

By Derek Grant

The Coldest Day of the Year

By kristinsweetland

The Fox

By Wild Photography

Keep Exploring..

By winterhawkstudios

The Ice Dancers

By Dale Matthies