Best photos of 2013!

At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.
Browse through this gallery to find the best images uploaded to our site in 2013.

Sifton Bog Boardwalk

By Cheryl Dumoulin Photography


By melissa3339

Late Fall Siesta

By MichelleColdwell

Country Scene



By ron_eg

Snow Geese

By ChristinaAnneMcC

Cape Spear Lighthouse

By jmillard

Magic Sky

By CharmaineYoung

Osprey Family

By Brad_James

mooorning has broken

By MattRoffe

a river runs through it

By s_mackay

Evening Dinner

By Trudy_Ferguson

Waiting Patiently

By DavidKilabuk

Gliding Through The Mist

By barbara_mcmahon

Startrails and Fireflies

By sarajclark

A little chat between Puffin

By vachon

New Beginnings

By orpanaimaging

Lightning with a dash of Aurora

By ChadSteeves

Immature Bald Eagle

By Joanne Lockwood

Young buck evening snack

By AllenDouglas

The Look-Out


Green Valley

By SheepRancher

Pink bike


goldenrod spider

By brian_stoate

Into the rising sun

By Hawkeye

Quintessential Machu Picchu

By Julian_Gacek

Immature Bald Eagle

By Lyle_Grisedale

Cascade Falls

By jasonwilde

Minnewanka Aurora

By RonaldHill

Alberta Weather

By David Buhler


By lu77

Waterfall HDR

By coreyjy


By shawnduff

Birds of Quebec

By VladimirNaumoff

CN Rail at Sunset

By JohnWebber

Winter Beauty 0657_2013

By Ian McGregor

Wind Watcher

By Linda_Baker

Black Swan

By Rick Carroll

Paint is still good

By Jerry Cameron

Fern City

By jasonwilde

Freeze Frame

By DouglasWalker


By Lorna_Taylor

Nice Spread

By Bill McMullen

Please Sir Can I have some More

By Mikey_Rowlandson

A Sprinkle of Bokeh

By Lorna_Taylor


By Philip_k