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This was shot hand-held at 1/13th of a second.

AllenDouglas commented on "A,erican Kestral" 2013-01-25 11:46am

Smallest falcon, very common from coast to coast in Canada, but shy enough and small enough that they aren't noticed much. Eats large insects or small rodents, and nests in tree holes and occasionally, even in birdhouses. This one is male. The female has more brownish upper body (no blue-grey) and no black tip on the tail.

AllenDouglas commented on "Grizzly Bear - Extreme Close-up" 2012-10-24 9:35am

"Close" is a relative term, as this photograph was zoomed and cropped to look super close. If you can see a Grizzly Bear, it can catch you. The world speed record for an Olympic sprinter is about 28 mph. I am somewhat sure I cannot run that fast. One ranger clocked a grizzly at 41 - faster than most race horses, and not on a nice track either. I am even less confident of reaching those speeds.