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Among Giants

A simple sunset photograph taken of the Low Point Lighthouse in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

By Curtis Dauphney
Twinkling Starry Night

The stars were bright as the Aurora danced in the night.

By Geraldine Khan
Night train through milky way

Milky way over waterfall and train bridge

By Kirill Kovaldin
Innu Camp

Camping under the stars in a traditional Innu tent on a crisp winter night in Labrador. So grateful to have had the opportunity to see what it's like to be out on the land there. It's all thanks to the warm and wonderful Innu folks for welcoming me to join them during the special time of Nutshimit. Thank you for the experience and for making this photo possible.

By Ryan Wood
Fire in the Sky

On a 10 second timer I had enough time to run into the shot and look up. It is the only time I've seen the Aurora with a pink hue before!

By Ryan Wood
Window to the Stars

A perfect view of the milky way from my bed inside a yurt at Fundy National Park of Canada. It was the ultimate night light!

By Ryan Wood
Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve

Torrance Barrens Dark Sky preserve is a good place to experience a pristine sky full of stars. Sometime we can also capture the northern lights with a long exposure. Some people claiming these lights can be seen with the naked eye during a major solar storm in this southern part of Ontario.

By Balamuraly Pushparajah
A Tree And The Milky Way

I spent some time out on a country road to get this shot.

By John Cavers
Star Trails With Thomas

I was ab to do a star trails shot when Thomas came to Uxbridge.

By John Cavers
Summe night

Picture taken during a summer night.

By Maxime Gagnon
Night sky in Elk Island

A summer night in Elk Island National Park.

By Jeff Szucsik
Stars On Tracks

In keeping with the train theme, I thought I would do a star trail shot on the tracks. Thank goodness no trains were running tonight...otherwise I would have been seeing stars from a different point of view!!!

By John Cavers
Stars And Trains

Old cars are kept at our town's train station and I wanted to do a star trail shot with them in it...light come from the security lighting on the property.

By John Cavers
Star Trails

This beautiful country church looks great as the foreground for a star trail of the billions of stars that lit up the sky this night.

By Cathleen Mewis
A Lighted Steeple

A little light painting to light up just the steeple of this beautiful church as the Milky Way rose behind it.

By Cathleen Mewis
Milky Way with Light Painting

Playing with light on this church with the beautiful Milky Way behind it made for a beautiful image

By Cathleen Mewis
The Milky Way

No moon, billions of stars and far away from city lights is the perfect recipe for a Milky Way shot!

By Cathleen Mewis
Never stop looking up

A few friends and I went out to photograph the night sky. It was a beautiful night full of laughs and adventure!

By Pearl Bacso
Star Trails

My friend left his tractor in the field so I could create this special sequence using time exposure.

By John Cavers
Tractor Under The Stars

I got my friend to park his old tractor out on the field so I could take this special shot.

By John Cavers