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chasing the sun

sunset on the water ~ Bay of Fundy

By Lyly Pei
fortune teller

a magical night in Tam Tams ~ Montréal

By Lyly Pei

Shot near Borden Sk.

By Jeff Wizniak
Cotton Candy Skies...

Shot near Borden, Saskatchewan...

By Jeff Wizniak
The Light Pathway

A sunset at Waterton Lakes National Park

By Fraz Anjum
Soy Bean Sunset

A fall sunset illuminates a soybean crop nearing harvest ...

By David Rowe

Couldn't resist taking this shot of he sun going down as I drove on a country road.

By John Cavers
Ominous Dark Clouds

We were back at the cabin at Bonar Lake Ontario Canada, for the rest of the night when the rain started, poured for awhile, then stopped and became very still and quiet. A short time later the heavy dark clouds started rolling in right at sunset. With the Pine trees in silhouette and the pink and gold of the sunset peeking through the black and blue clouds, it was quite the sight! It didn't take long before the sky became truly ominous and a little scary.

By Debbie Oppermann
Magic At Sundown

There were many stunning sunsets on Bonar Lake Ontario Canada, but this one was just incredible. The heavens were glowing with the rich hues of orange, red, gold, blue and purple. This calm remote northern Ontario lake reflected the fiery clouds and sky, the Pine trees and horizon were in silhouette and the scene was nothing short of magical.

By Debbie Oppermann

Sunset over Georgian Bay

By Leslie Scott
exciting sunset

I've had the pleasure to observe and photograph one of the most dramatic sunsets so far. The sky resembled a stream of floating lava.

By Peter Wahl
Mountain sunset Inuksuk

I was up exploring Morfee Mountain in Mackenzie BC and happen to find this gem sitting up top. definitely added to the sunset over Williston lake bellow

By Dale Adams
Among Giants

A simple sunset photograph taken of the Low Point Lighthouse in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

By Curtis Dauphney
Paddles up

Sunset watching at Emily provincial park

By Marissa Wheal
Lake Huron Sunset

Sunsets in our area are among the most beautiful in the world. This is one of them. This one is a bit different from most with the cloud formations and colours.

By Dale Matthies
Golden evening

An amazing sunset on the Boundary Bog trail in Prince Albert National Park.

By Alexandra Pope
Sunset on Morin Lake SK

We visited a friends’ cabin on beautiful Morin Lake in Saskatchewan and were treated to lovely sunsets.

By Bill Bain
Fall sunset

I caught the true beauty of the changing seasons as the sun sets in the beautiful wilderness of northern Alberta, Canada.

By Lucille St.Arnault
Paradox at sunset

At Port-Menier on Anticosti Island, roe deer are spoiled to perfection and replace dogs that have been banned for over 100 years. Although hunting is an ideal economic engine, it is prohibited within a 5 km radius of the island's only village.

By Rene Bourque
Autumn and sunset

Banff national park

By Nunzio Guerrera