Best photos of 2014!

At the end of each week, the Canadian Geographic Photo Club chooses an outstanding image to win Photo of the Week.
Browse through this gallery to find the best images uploaded to our site in 2014.

Dual Landing

By Wayne_Duke


By Isabelle_V

Winter Abandon

By Ryan Wunsch

Winter weasel

By rufous03

Snowy Day in November

By not_set_461be536c1c03b745c74f23ab108bd3c

Rooftop shots.

By FelixPope

Cool Crisp Arctic Air

By DavidKilabuk

Peeps at High Tide

By scotiabrailsford

Mom with Cub

By Wayne_Duke

Sky Roads

By jasonwilde

Cozy home

By SonnyParker

Autumn Flight

By Hawkeye

Tobermory Shipwrecks

By mariammagsi

Loon Takeoff

By JimCumming

Taste the Rainbow

By Ryan Modrall

Algonquin Wolf

By Wesley Liikane

Don't Fear the Prairies

By cecilia_reid

Shake in slow motion

By pixlfan

Solitude at Sunset

By amandapanda_1

On Golden Puffin

By David_Hemmings

Enjoying Life...

By Nina_Stavlund

In Remembrance



By Bearstool

Just a touch

By Hawkeye

Fast and Furry-ious

By jaclyntyson


By jonathanchen

Sunset on the Prairies

By BrianConstantine

Mount Assiniboine

By djm129129

Mink encounter

By Hawkeye

Spirit Bear Portriat

By laurasample

the big bend

By rcscharf

Spring Is In The Air

By Alison Mazur

Water Drop on a Tulip Leaf

By Dale Matthies

Safe Guard

By skybluephotography

Fire and Ice

By Jenny_Stevens

Train Bridge Milky Way

By Wesley Liikane

Surf's Up!

By hdphilli


By CarolFaust

Double Trouble

By Simon Gee


By jasonwilde

Aurora and Star Trails


Spinning Senoritas

By TraceyDarling

Ice, Mist and Rainbow

By Magda_Bognar

Snow Flake

By holly

Winter Sunrise Over Lake Ontario

By RodneyTidy