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Autumn Lake Reflections

A scenic view of trees reflecting into a peaceful lake at a Calgary park

By Lisa Bourgeault
Frosty Morning Walk

I opened the curtains to the cabin one frosty morning and just catch a glimpse of something going past. After opening the door and looking out, I saw this beautiful red fox walking along the edge of the misty lake.

By Robyn Cartwright
Odaray Mountain

Odaray Mountain reflected in Lake O'Hara on a calm September morning.

By Sara Tehranian
Beaver Swimming In Autumn Coloured Water

I was lucky to spend some time with a group of beavers on Mayflower Lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park.

By John Cavers
Star Trails On Arrowhead Lake

The fog had started to set in but I decided to do a star trails picture anyway.

By John Cavers
Autumn Beauty

Mayflower Lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park

By John Cavers
Riley Lake Sunrise

By Mira Budd
Sunrise Riley Lake

By Mira Budd
Bear Berries

There were lots of Saskatoon Berries around the Lodge at Chilko Lake and as a result, grizzly sightings close by were not unusual. This sow grizzly was just outside my cabin. She did not mind me taking many shots.

By Jenny Stevens
Slow fall

Long exposure of fallen leaves in Tremblant national park

By Nunzio Guerrera
Autumn's Splendour

Roadside rest stop at Lake of the Woods....what a view.

By Gabor Dosa
Vermillion Lake Autumn Sunrise

An awesome sunrise from creek between the second and third Vermillion Lakes in autumn. Banff National Park.

By Michael Collier
Yellow Headed Blackbird

I was following this bird around at Frank lake the first time I have ever seen one and wanted to capture the beauty of it on top of a tadpole

By Cedrik Guay
Curious Visitor

Taken a few summers ago. This loon was very interested in my canoe and came right alongside. Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park, Alberta

By Richard Walsh
The Light Pathway

A sunset at Waterton Lakes National Park

By Fraz Anjum
Dotting the Forest Floor

Sun shines on the Irregular Earth Tongue Mushroom (Neolecta irregularis) that dot the forest floor on the Bat Lake Trail, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

By Greg Shchepanek
Morning Paddle

Taken at Two Jack Lake in Banff. A paddle boarder enjoys the beautiful morning surrounded by mist and Mount Rundle as well as it's reflection

By Catherine Page
Two Jack Lake

Taken from behind this little Island, you might notice a gull resting here.

By Michael Collier
Onaping High Falls

High Falls on the Onaping River drops 46 meters, 150 feet through a series of cascades and is one of the largest in Ontario. This impressive waterfalls plunges over the lip of the Sudbury basin created over 1 billion years ago when a meteorite slammed into the earth. The A.Y. Jackson trail has a superb lookout which is easily accessible. A.Y. Jackson, one of the founding members of the Group Of Seven visited this site and painted Spring On The Onaping River which was stolen and never recovered. It is easily one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Lake Huron watershed, and one of the best waterfalls in all of Ontario.

By Debbie Oppermann
Ominous Dark Clouds

We were back at the cabin at Bonar Lake Ontario Canada, for the rest of the night when the rain started, poured for awhile, then stopped and became very still and quiet. A short time later the heavy dark clouds started rolling in right at sunset. With the Pine trees in silhouette and the pink and gold of the sunset peeking through the black and blue clouds, it was quite the sight! It didn't take long before the sky became truly ominous and a little scary.

By Debbie Oppermann