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I'm an avid observer of wildlife and nature. Exploring my hobby and interest through a lens throughout Western Canada. I hope to share my unique experiences captured in the best country in the world.




Alpinewolf commented on "Who's Watching Who?" 2017-06-08 7:22pm

Thank you Jeff, and thank you for your input and suggestions Wayne. I did lighten the eyes and played around several times with different adjustments in lightroom. This is my first time editing an image in over 9 months and I am still struggling with the software. I do concur with you on the eyes without a doubt. I made several variations with varying contrast, and settings etc, but I chose this one as I liked it and it spoke to me the most.

I captured many body shots of this owl that I could have used, but I took the liberty of challenging myself by looking at the subject and photo in a new perspective, hence this close-up of the eyes. I shoot all of my work handheld and because this owl was incredibly close when we surprised eachother, I had to rely on the gear I have, and the skills I developed last year to the best of my ability.

Alpinewolf commented on "Pure Love" 2016-07-29 5:06pm

Thank you Sheri :)

Alpinewolf commented on "Pure Love" 2016-07-21 2:19pm

Thank you Lucienne:) I'm very happy that so many people love this capture.

Alpinewolf commented on "Guardians of the Forest" 2015-07-21 9:17am

You are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy and capture some great shots when you go!

Alpinewolf commented on "Guardians of the Forest" 2015-07-20 4:58am

Hi Sheri, the island is called 'Jedediah Island - Marine Provincial Park', it's just across the southwestern tip of Texada Island.

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