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What Music Looks Like
by Les Piccolo

Red-Winged blackbird sings it's mating song on a cold early morning

Earlier this year:

Comment feed

Jeff Aelick commented on "Black Bear Cub" 2019-01-20 3:22pm

Good one Love the looks of the cup watching you

Santalucia commented on "Fox" 2019-01-20 2:32pm

Wonderful capture Shelley.

Santalucia commented on "Sunset at Two Jack Lake" 2019-01-20 2:28pm

Beautiful colour in this shot Ray/Connie.

Cecile Arsenault commented on "Black capped chickadee" 2019-01-20 10:39am

Beautiful photo Linda

Debra Plett commented on "Whut ?" 2019-01-20 2:13am

Good one Jeff/

Cathleen Mewis commented on "Kluane National Park Glacier" 2019-01-20 1:30am

Thank you Cecile!

Cathleen Mewis commented on "Fall along a Yukon Highway" 2019-01-20 1:29am

Thank you so much Cecile!

Jeff Aelick commented on "Pumpjack at Sunset" 2019-01-19 9:26pm

nice one

Cecile Arsenault commented on "Wolves" 2019-01-19 5:23pm

Beautiful photo you too.

Cecile Arsenault commented on "Bald Eagle" 2019-01-19 5:22pm

Awesome photo of the bald eagle