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Bison At Sunset
by zamorajake

Driving Through Elk Island National Park at sunset is one of the best times to see wildlife. Just outside of Edmonton, it is definitely a must see.

Earlier this year:

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Sticks commented on "My Father Going to Korea " 2018-11-16 10:38am

Great photo! I used to be part of 2 PPCLI, and they have a presidential citation on the the uniform for Korea. What a bloody mess those battles would have been! I have watched some history stuff on TV in this regards. Thanks for posting Jeff :)

Debra Plett commented on "Mallards on lake," 2018-11-16 7:06am

Composition is great. Nice image.

Debra Plett commented on "Macintyre River Freeze Up" 2018-11-15 8:10pm

Very nice winter landscape.

Wayne_Duke commented on "Diving for Salmon" 2018-11-15 8:09pm

Cbacinello, nice action shot, as a wildlife photographer myself we are always trying for those moments like you have captured. I hope she finally got her reward and you captured a photo of such.

Debra Plett commented on "Farmer's fields in the Fall." 2018-11-15 7:59pm

Colourful shot, nice composition.

Holly Ranville commented on "Alpenglow at Moraine Lake" 2018-11-15 12:24pm

Beautifully composed!!

Debra Plett commented on "Bull Elk" 2018-11-15 6:59am

Very nice image, the elk is amazing.

Irina Kelly
moosehome commented on "I am the Eagle" 2018-11-14 11:09am

Totally awesome

Debra Plett commented on "I've Got a Bright Idea" 2018-11-14 7:07am

Gorgeous image. Has a very soft dreamy fell. Well done.

Debra Plett commented on "Chilly ledge!" 2018-11-13 6:54pm

Nice capture, he is focused on you.