Contemplative Cub

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Betty Byrd

Where on Kodiak did you photograph this adorable cub?

Dawn Mehner

Beautiful shot!

Tim Osborne


Scott Reeve

By the by, where was the rest of the family?!

Tim Osborne

Mom was nearby digging up some roots.

Scott Reeve

Nice shot Tim. What it must feel like to be there?

Tim Osborne

It's always such a wonderful experience to spend some time with these beautiful animals.

Zoe Bystrov

Wonderful capture!

Tim Osborne

Thank you!


This first year Grizzly Cub was out in the evening enjoying some snacks. I caught this photo as the bear paused for a moment to have a look at this new visitor.

Taken By
Tim Osborne
Taken On
November 9, 2023
wildlife bear grizzly nature animal mammal brown_bear plant sky grizzly_bear kodiak_bear carnivore natural_landscape snow
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