Hard Wave

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Sandbanks Provincial Park near Picton Ontario, Canada is a very unique ecosystem for this part of the Country. Lakeside habitat, limestone shores, endangered wetlands and of course, fresh water sand dunes. The weather that day had been very windy, which is beneficial to sand photography I find. Any footprints, or tracks are swept away leaving a pattern mimicking the winds passage. It took some time for me to fins what I was looking for. I wanted a scene where the only elements were the sand and the sky. There had been several black clouds scudding through the area that day and I thought they'd make an excellent contrast to the light tones of the sand. Luckily, a black cloud emerged over the parallel line of the top of the dune shown in this image. To eliminate all background distractions I laid down on my side in the sand, which was actually pretty comfortable if it weren't or the wind blowing the sand in my face. Looking through the viewfinder I was instantly reminded of an isolated, and alien land. I tried working that angle to include the upsweep of the dune on the left side of the frame. It was one of those moments in photography where you know you have a good image just from looking at the back screen. Finishing the shoot, I stood up, dusted myself off an hiked back to the car. I feel the results were well worth the trouble of having to rinse sand out of my mouth for the next few hours.
Taken By
jason pettit
Taken On
June 8, 2021
sandbanksprovincialpark provincialpark ontario dunes princeedwardcounty soil nature sand outdoors dune desert
  • Focal: 16
  • Lens Model: NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S
  • Shutter speed: 0.03333333333 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 16

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