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***Honourable Mention in the 34th Annual Canadian Geographic Photo Competition in the Iconic Landscapes Category. I’m a landscape photographer born and raised in Prince Edward County. Among my recent highlights are Canadian Geographic magazine credits, a Picton Carbon Art + Design solo showcase ("Neutral Fury"), my 2020 Nikon Canada gallery grand prize (2020 Contact Photography Festival, Toronto), and the 2020 Wiki Loves Earth global photography contest that included four of my images to help promote natural heritage sites. Most recently I contributed photos to a collaborative book about Prince Edward County titled, "Prince Edward a Four Season County" For me, landscape photography is a direct extension and reflection of my own life experience. My sweeping images of wild Prince Edward County land and water are inextricably linked to my unremitting passion for nature's subtleties and splendours. Through my work I want to convey a simple and powerful message - the County is not just another rural tourist destination, but a place and an experience that must be cherished. Sincerely, Jason Pettit

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