Gimme Shelter

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Bill Bain

Congratulations on such a wonderful image. And well done for having a vision for what this photo could be and going out and creating it.

Jack Adamson

The perfect spooky building to share the stage with an even more frightening lightning strike. Getting both in frame must have been a fun challenge...congrats on the POW!

Jane LeBlanc

Ryan, I LOVE these kinds of shots!! I can only imagine the amount of patience and practice it took to get it. Great job!!

A prairie storm drops a bolt over my favorite old homestead last night in Saskatchewan. I have been trying to get this photo for years. I spent a lot of time out here as a kid with the owner Harold who grew up in the house and later farmed the land.
Taken By
Ryan Wunsch
Taken On
July 6, 2019
saskatchewan storm lightning thunder clouds nature outdoors weather
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