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Retired for almost two years after a 40 year sentence as a pack mule at Canada Post. (a.k.a. Letter carrier) Bought my first SLR when I was 17 (an Exacta) and have been heavily into photography ever since...which needless to say is a long, long time.




richardcoulson commented on "Light Eruption" 2014-07-12 2:54pm

An astounding shot. Not only beautifully composed, but the dynamic range has been handled perfectly as well, especially the details in the lake. Impressive job indeed.

richardcoulson commented on "Winter Fence Line" 2014-01-04 1:44pm

Your photos never fail to impress me Douglas. You evidently give a lot of thought to the composition of your shots and it shows. First rate work as always.

richardcoulson commented on "Barn at dusk" 2013-12-17 5:32pm

I agree with Linda; the tonal range in this shot is excellent. (HDR?) The composition is first rate as well.

richardcoulson commented on "Trestle Bridge, Castle Mountain" 2013-11-20 9:59pm

Great choice on converting it to B& looks amazing. The streaking of the clouds due to the long exposure is especially effective here.

richardcoulson commented on "Blue Jay" 2013-11-19 9:59pm

Nice photo Douglas, but that poor Jay looks as though he's been through the wars.

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