The Elevator - by Sabine Edrissi

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Melinda Alex

Awesome photography must make a profile on website called YouPic and get more awards and more viewers

Brenda Santalucia

Great shot and very interesting synopsis Sabine

This elevator is outside of the new Convention Center in Vancouver. I was first intrigued by the modern design and clear lines. It connects several walkways from and to the convention center's upper level. While I was setting up for this picture, I noticed that the lighting in the elevator was not only green. It changed color in intervals. Once I finish this photo and turned around to leave, I noticed that the color had changed to a beautiful magenta. Oh well, next time I guess. The convention center downtown Vancouver at Canada Place is the greenest building in the world. A spectacular architectural and award winning master piece. The convention center has a living roof, seawater heating and cooling, on-site water treatment and fish habitat built into the foundation of the West Building make it one of the "greenest" convention centers in the world.The design architect for this center is LMN Architects of Seattle.
Taken By
Sabine Edrissi
Taken On
July 8, 2014
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  • Focal: 18
  • Shutter speed: 8 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 22
  • ISO: 100

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