Total Solar Eclipse 2024

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The day started off cloudy, and I felt really disappointed because I was waiting to capture the totality (100% view of the phenomenon). At first, I planned to capture it from Guelph, but then I learnt, it was only going to be 99% totality here. So, I changed my mind and decided to travel towards Hamilton instead. This kind of event is truly rare and may happen only once in a lifetime. The next total solar eclipse won’t be until August 23, 2044 in the Americas! It was an amazing experience and quite emotional being it for the first time. I captured it using my @sonyalpha A7III camera and a Sony 200-600mm lens.
Taken By
Raghuvamsh Chavali
Taken On
April 9, 2024
#solareclipse #totality #totalsolareclipse #astrophotography #hamilton #ontario #canada nature night outdoors astronomy moon eclipse lunar_eclipse astronomical_object
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