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Yves Langlois

Super bird in flight shot Debra. Framing tight shows well that queen of the air. Color patern of the underside is good even in the backlit and the lighting of her face is magic. Peace of cake raising only one kid this year.

Debra Plett

I had to crop the image a little to bring her in tighter. I like when you can get an overhead picture with the eyes making contact with you. The female has just started to leave the nest a bit. I think she knows the chick is ready to fly and could be trying to get the chick interested in flying.

Heather Mellon

Stunning action shot.. I love how she fills the frame with her impressive wing span and the clarity of detail you captured here. What a beautiful bird and image Debra! I hope their lone chick makes out okay, that's quite a drop from the three they raised successfully a year ago.

Debra Plett

Thank you very much Heather. I was surprised to see only one chick as well. From what I have read if this is a first breeding they may only have one chick. If it is a more experienced couple that has bred before she may have laid 2or 3 eggs but only one survived. If the male isn’t bringing back enough fish to sustain the nest then one chick may not make it. This female is very good at protecting her nest. The chick isn’t flying yet either. In the past I have seen them flying by the August long weekend. They did however arrive back a little later in the spring.

Female Osprey decided to take a look a me before flying to the nest with the remnants of a fish. I am pretty sure that they are only raising one chick this season.
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Debra Plett
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August 6, 2023
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