Deer Crossing

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Yves Langlois

What a nice buccolic shot Heather. Great perspective with the road and aligned trees. That light blue sky is just perfect for the colour tones of the picture. Grasses look like they are waving in the wind to suit the motion of the deer. Very nicely done.

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Yves. I love how the road rises up to meet the sky here and the buck added the perfect focal point for this shot. And yes it was a windy day.. you have a great eye for detail.


o good one of your deer good detailing and movement he is a big boy

Heather Mellon

Thank you Jeff, always appreciated.

Debra Plett

Awesome looking Buck and image Heather. Nicely composed and captured with I am sure not much time. The scenery is very picturesque. I like how the road rises behind the deer and meets the sky, quite intriguing.

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Debra. He was certainly in a hurry and trying to focus through the windshield was a little tricky. There are some great views here with Mt. Robson and other mountains in the distance too.

Jenny Stevens

A truly lovely composition. I feel his need to reach the forest.

Heather Mellon

Thank you so much Jenny, this is one of my favorite side roads because of the deer and the beautiful views. And I so agree with you.. it's the one place they can feel safe in and I felt his need to be there too.

Clifford Dupuis

Nice action shot Heather, This guy looks in great shape

Heather Mellon

Thank you Clifford. Yes, he was in great shape and I got some nice shots of him in the field too but this one captured the moment best for me.

A mule deer buck decided to cross the road and head for the hill on my approach. I seldom pass through this hilly wooded area without spotting a group of deer feeding in the nearby fields.
Taken By
Heather Mellon
Taken On
October 25, 2022
mule deer crossing gravel dirt_road road nature outdoors
  • Focal: 55
  • Shutter speed: 0.004 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 8

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