Aspen Trees in Fall Colours

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very nieces we have spots of aspen hear much the same the shapes color are really nieces

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Jeff, it is an awesome time of the year for pictures

Heather Mellon

Such beautiful trees and the perfect place for a stroll on a carpet of fallen leaves with the scent of autumn in the air. It's scenes like this that make autumn so memorable. Very nicely captured Clifford.

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Heather, your comments are most appreciated

Jenny Stevens

I have always loved a stand of Aspens. Interesting enough you never find one individual Aspen. Aspen trees grow in groves. Lovely shot Clifford.

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Jenny, much appreciated

Yves Langlois

A dense pack of those aspen is always impressive, specialy with their bright yellow colour of the autumn season. All together we are stronger is what the picture tel me. Meaningful picture Clifford..

Clifford Dupuis

What a great interpretation Yves, thank you for your comments, I appreciate them

Debra Plett

Striking image Clifford with very nice light and colour. I like that the composition isn’t overcrowded with under bush. I can hear those Aspen leaves whispering as they fall to the ground.

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Debra, much appreciated

A stand of Aspen Trees display their beauty in striking fall colours.
Taken By
Clifford Dupuis
Taken On
October 24, 2022
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