“I’m Still Here”

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that is some thing i have seen one lick that here grate shot

Debra Plett

Nicely captured Clifford…a painters dream.

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Debra and it certainly is one for a painter

Yves Langlois

Not as a healthy useful barn but as a perfect model for a photographer that has an eye on me. Nice pic Clifford and a friendly remember that matter don't last forever. But the spirit (idea) of the barn sure can

Heather Mellon

Lots of excellent detail in this shot and I love these old landmarks that dot the landscape and continue to connect us to our past. A beautiful capture, Clifford.

Clifford Dupuis

Thank you Heather, much appreciated

Clifford Dupuis

Thanks so much Jane

I have followed the slow deterioration of this old barn east of Calgary over the years. This image with the crop dust, smoke and heat haze in the distance provided a calming effect as it continues to defy the forces of nature.
Taken By
Clifford Dupuis
Taken On
September 4, 2022
prairies landscape_photographer landscapes abandoned_building old_barns alberta nature outdoors countryside building plant
  • Focal: 165
  • Shutter speed: 0.002 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 5.6

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