A sky full of wonder and STEVE

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Scott Reeve

Grand collaboration of night sky events.

An image of the beautiful aurora and the recently discovered aurora phenom (2016) STEVE over Mount Lougheed and Gap Lake. STEVE appears as a band of purple plasma streaking across the sky along with the green ribbon picket fence aurora that comes with STEVE. Along with STEVE I was also able to capture a meteor streaking by a very bright Jupiter, just awesome! STEVE is short for 'Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement'. It is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that was only discovered in June of 2016 by an Alberta scientist Brian Jackel of the University of Calgary and citizen scientists from the Alberta Aurora Chasers facebook group. NASA studying this unique phenomena and you can find more info on their website.
Taken By
James Anderson
Taken On
August 29, 2022
gap lake
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