An Ice Centipede

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you have a good eye on this one

Clifford Dupuis

Wow Bernie, it takes little imagination to visualize what you have interpreted of this image

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Clifford - a little imagination or an 'off the wall' perspective from the photog. I loved the icy tones in the image though.

Debra Plett

Amazing shot and story Bernie. At first glance I did think this was a shot of a fossil of sorts. Mother Nature has a way of making our imagination be creative.

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Debra - I take too many shots like this, but really, they are all different, each piece of 'ice art' is unique.

I will ask the viewer to do a little work - allow one's imagination free reign and take the mind's eye, and the mind itself back, way back to eons before the dinosaurs when our planet was "Snowball Earth". Living 'Ice Centipedes' similar to this perhaps flourished alongside their close cousins Ice Worms (Mesenchytraeus solifugus) who are still with us today. Today, I re-visited the spot where I found this specimen but alas, the rising temperature overnight has claimed another victim.
Taken By
Bernie Ewing
Taken On
February 8, 2022
fabled ice centipede winter art fantasy nature outdoors snow icicle
  • Focal: 220
  • Lens Model: 70.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-6.3
  • Shutter speed: 0.01 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 6.3

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