White Point Hiking Trail - Cape Breton Highlands NP

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Clifford Dupuis

What a great capture, love the way the leading line draws one through the image

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Clifford - looking forward to getting back to this spot - some day soon we hope.

Aaron Todd

That's a beautiful scene and a lovely photo, Bernie. Well done! You can't go wrong with a drive around CBI. Beautiful vistas, friendly people and chowder in a bread bowl.

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Aaron and yes, you have captured the essences of CBI - great scenery, great people, great seafood. Lived in Sydney for awhile - my heart is still there.

Harold Fleming

Beautiful photo, Bernie! I took the Cabot Trail many years ago and the views are stunning in Cape Breton. You've captured it very nicely.

Bernie Ewing

Thank you Harold - we lived in Sydney for 1+ year - drove around the trail in all seasons - winter is really spectacular. Just be careful and take your time.

This is a lovely spot, with an easy hike along the seacoast near Neil's Harbour, CBI, NS. The stunning vistas of blue waters and white, crashing surf are free-of-charge to all who visit. Flocks of seabirds including cormorants, bald eagles, gulls and many others are included at no extra cost. Enjoy if you can get there in today's locked down times.
Taken By
Bernie Ewing
Taken On
April 27, 2021
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