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Chris Anderberg

Awesome story - thank you for sharing - and I like the photo too :)

While not my best photo, this image is a reminder of an excellent day in the backcountry with my little girl. Getting to this little waterfall requires a 10km hike. While normally I wouldn’t think much of that, it is special because I was able to spend the day hiking to the falls with my daughter who is only three. We left the house at 4:30 am and were on the trail by 6:15 am, and that little trooper walked right by my side with a big smile up until the last kilometer where she asked to be carried. We only took a quick break once reaching the falls since some rain clouds were blowing in. Once we got on the main trail, she insisted she wanted to walk back to the truck on her own. She made it about half way before I hoisted her on my shoulders. Within minutes she was sound asleep for the majority of the walk back. It amazes me how quickly her abilities are changing. Terrain that used to limit her mere months ago, are now traversed with ease. With any luck she and I will be going on multi day backpacking trips in no time.
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Nick Taffs
Taken On
September 8, 2018
edworthy falls kananaskis
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