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Chris Anderberg

Swell done - nice capture :)

Jenny Stevens

Great shot Larry and best of all he looks so healthy.

Wayne Duke

Nice to see you back and showing us your capturers from Northern BC. Most of my stuff has been put to Flickr..........check it out......Wayne Duke76


good one Larry he was just sitting so good for you

I leave home to drive to work an hour or so early, just in case I see anything to photograph along the way. I caught a glimpse of this coyote and slowed to a stop about 200 metres up the road. I backed up, dead slow, knowing the coyote was aware of my presence. Coyotes are very shy, especially animals like this that live in the wild, and like many wild animals they have a comfort zone that you can't penetrate. I was lucky enough to have him stay for a few photos before he ran off on his way.
Taken By
Larry Erlendson
Taken On
May 3, 2017
coyote wildlife british columbia wild animal

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