Mink with it's Catch

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Jocelyn Galipeau

Fantastic shot..!


very good shooting part of it is in the right please you where there A1

Linda Steele

Amazing capture: patience, and being in the right place at the right time. I live near the Humber in Bolton and a friend has seen a mink at a marsh about 7 minute walk away from our home. I am hoping for a sighting but also hoping it doesn't visit our back yard pond full of goldfish.

Chris Anderberg

Great shot :)

I had been visiting the Humber River near my home almost daily for the last month hoping to find a mink. After seeing nothing but tracks i finally spotted this mink running along the riverbank. I crouched and quietly watched as it dove into the river and caught this fish. It then proceeded to triumphantly run straight towards me along the bank with it's catch in it's mouth. It passed me only 2 feet away then disappeared into a rock pile to eat. It was an amazing experience.
Taken By
Daniel Camilleri
Taken On
April 13, 2017
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