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Linda Steele commented on "Merganser at the marsh" 2018-05-01 7:44am

Thank you moosehome. There are 2 couples of hooded merganser plus a single female at the marsh and I am hoping to see their young as the season progresses. Usually we have greenback heron breeding there as well but no sighting yet.

Linda Steele commented on "Blue Jay Spat" 2018-02-11 1:34pm

WOW: lovely capture of these 2 birds. Love the out sread tail and wing feathers.

Linda Steele commented on "Watching the Blue Jays" 2018-02-11 1:32pm

Love this series of Blue Jay/ Cardinal shots: both types of birds stand out beautifully in the winter's snow. I especially like the action of the Jays in this shot.


Thanks Sticks- the mourning doves are one of my favourite visiting birds as well.

Linda Steele commented on "Sammy: winter 2017" 2018-01-09 11:25am

Thanks Sticks. Someone at a local pet store once commented that the spot was his on/off button. Sammy isn't much of a winter dog but enjoys being out for long walks in any of the other 3 seasons.

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