The Sight in South River

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Allan Fritz

Wow...... awesome work, way to go! - Al,

Jenny Stevens

One terrific capture.

Scott Young

Nice one here Wesley.

Virginia Anne MacDonald

WOW! So vivid. So Jealous :)

Last night was supposed to be some activity so I headed up north a bit to see what I could find. Stopping in Sunridge to try and find a good north view but was unsuccessful so I continued down the backroads to South River. Checking the map I spotted a place that looked promising and as the sky darkened I could see the pillars. Trying not to speed I made it to the location and started to shoot. The lights were pillaring high in the sky that I swapped lens to capture this two shot pano. What a night and the skies are supposed to be clear all weekend so keep an eye on the space weather and maybe we will get lucky again. Thank you for viewing and feel free to share. 2 shot pano captured in South River, Ontario, Canada Sony a7s - Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 - ISO 3200 - 15 seconds x2 For more information on any of my workshops coming up be sure to check out my website or email me for more information. ©2016 - Wesley Liikane - Cowboy with a Camera
Taken By
Wesley Liikane
Taken On
September 1, 2016
northern lights aurora borealis ontario canada
  • Shutter speed: 15 sec
  • ISO: 3200

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