Northern Lights Over Mt Bergeron 2

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Larry Erlendson

Thanks for the comments. Wayne, I have heard people say they can 'hear' the Northern Lights but I think they are just overly excited if it is a great show and they misremember. I remember a few times an eerie feeling when it is totally silent and I was startled to full alert by noises... once by geese and once by a moose (I think).

Wayne Duke

Larry, apparently my comment didn't seem to find your photo, not sure if it was my problem? We'll see if this one works. Basically, I said seeing my first Northern Lights seemed eerie without any sound when the pattern changed.

Wayne Duke

Larry, good shot, I remember my first sighting and it felt eerie expecting to hear sound to go along with the changes.

Nimira Thawer

Nice picture Larry. I am hoping to see the Northern and Southern lights in the future.

On earth, we can see both Northern (auroa borealis) and Southern (aurora australis) Lights. Northern Lights are most commonly seen and photographed due to geography - not many people live in areas where the southern lights can be well viewed. Charged particles escape our sun during solar flairs and from coronal holes. As the particles near the earth, they travel along magnetic field lines toward our north and south magnetic poles. When the charged particles reach our ionosphere, they interact and transfer energy to oxygen and nitrogen ions. When the excited oxygen and nitrogen ions return to their original state, energy is radiated in the form of light and that is what we see as the auroras. Oxygen ions about 100 km above the earth produce the most common, faint green color auroras. Ionic nitrogen at the same altitude produces a blue color and at lower altitudes, neutral nitrogen produces a purplish color. Rare red auroras are produced by ionic oxygen at a higher altitude.
Taken By
Larry Erlendson
Taken On
December 20, 2015
aurora northern lights british columbia
  • Camera: NIKON D5100
  • Focal: 18
  • Shutter speed: 8 sec
  • Aperture: f/ 3.5
  • ISO: 640

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