Midnight Walkway

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ramona chiasson

great shot..Cowboy

Another great night out under the stars. While sitting in the Torrance Barrens with some friends we had many laughs and captured some nice milky way images. A little group of us decided to hike out to the boardwalk and when we returned one of our other friends was sleeping, as least we thought. We started to photograph him under the star when my one of my friends went up to pray beside him and then the friend we thought was sleeping yelled and scared the crap out of my other friend. It was priceless. Thanks for viewing and feel free to share. If you would like to see more night skies, wildlife and landscapes from Ontario, Canada feel free to add me to follow me. If you are interested in prints of any images that I have taken feel free to check out my website or send me an email at Cowboywithacamera@gmail.com www.cowboywithacamera.zenfolio.com Please do not download, copy or manipulate this image or any of my images without the written permission of Wesley Liikane. Thanks ©2014 - Wesley Liikane - Cowboy with a Camera
Taken By
Wesley Liikane
Taken On
August 24, 2014
stars milky way
  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  • Shutter speed: 35 sec
  • ISO: 10000

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