Ice Queen

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Dan Sedran

wow... that is all :D

Julie Drummond


Linda Steele

Amazing capture!

Jeannette Reimer

One word...BEAUTIFUL!!!

Larissa Schiffmann

Beautiful! I live in the area where the ice storm hit but wasn't lucky enough to see any snowy owls.

Snowy Owl - Ontario, Canada I spent the holidays owl hunting, and spending some much needed time with my family. During my trip I was able to view several snowy owls, but only came back with a couple of shots to share. The part of Ontario I was staying in had been hit by a severe ice storm, creating beautiful scenes for photos, and luckily I was able to get some shooting in before it melted the day after this shot was taken.
Taken By
Shayna Hartley
Taken On
December 30, 2013
snowy owl ontario canada ice storm 2013
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