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Comfy Fox

This super cute Red Fox was a frequent visitor to the cottage on the French River Ontario. While resting all comfy and cozy all curled up, it was still alert to it's surroundings and activity in the area.

By Debbie Oppermann
Family Time

The cross fox is a partially melanistic colour variant of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) which has a long dark stripe running down its back, intersecting another stripe to form a cross over the shoulders. It tends to be more abundant in northern regions,and is rarer than the common red form, but is more common than the even darker silver fox

By Frank Pali
FaceTime With Fox

It is snowing and fluffy snowflakes cover the fox's fur.

By Clayton Hare
Winter Fox

It is snowing and this Red Fox is sitting on a snowbank, waiting.

By Clayton Hare
Thirsty Fox

A red fox pauses for a sip of water

By Kris Tynski
Getting Carried Away

This little guy strayed a little too far for mamas liking, so mom went and picked the youngster, perhaps heading into timeout.

By Kris Tynski
Show in the snow

I witnessed a couple of fox frolicking in the snow that had just fell the night before.

By Kris Tynski
The Glare

A beautiful fox takes a quick break from mousing, during a short snow squall.

By Kris Tynski
The Last Plea

A mouse makes its final effort to avoid the inevitable.

By Kris Tynski
A Mothers Patience

Just shortly after mama fox finished feeding the kits, the kits had some plans of their own, playing all over mom.

By Kris Tynski
The First Scent

I was fortunate to spend time observing a fox family of five, both parents and three kits. This shot was taken while a couple of kits came out of the den to play and explore the surroundings.

By Kris Tynski
Urban Vulpes Vulpes

Amid a backdrop of giant cranes, a mixed-color fox family lives confidently and comfortably within one of the busiest ports on the eastern seaboard.

By Derek Grant
Wild Eyes

Urban, yes, but the eyes being the window to the soul - far from tame. The longer rays of the afternoon light bring out the silver and chocolate tones of this otherwise (from an unilluminated distance) black "silver fox" (Vulpes Vulpes) kit.

By Derek Grant

Two reasons for this entry. 1) We get a good look at the vixen's tail deformity. 2) She carried this leather work glove around with her all summer long. She would often leave it near the kits - as she would any prey - and as a part of the rearing process.

By Derek Grant
Safe with Mom

A red fox kit secures a safe place behind mom before peeping back at the camera.

By Derek Grant
Nose to Nose

A vixen shares a tender moment with her polychromed kits

By Derek Grant
Are you coming out to play?

Arctic fox, Vulpes Lagopus, playing around near a fox den in snowy spring conditions, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

By Sophia Granchinho
Young Arctic fox, Vulpes Lagopus, in fall colours being caught in the act of scratching

Young Arctic fox, Vulpes Lagopus, in fall colours being caught in the act of scratching, near Arviat Nunavut Canada

By Sophia Granchinho
Peite pose repos

Renardeau s'assoupissant quelques minutes après une période d, exploration des environs du terrier.

By Alain Charest
Curieux, le petit

Ce jeune renardeau tout à explorer la neige ne portait pas attention à moi. Il me voyait mais était curieux de venir voir ce qu'était cet animal immobile par cette journée nuageuse. J'étais seul avec cette portée de renardeaux pendant 2 ou 3 heures sous une neige légère. Il était si près à un moment donné que je ne pouvais plus le photographier. Par moment je ne ferais que jouir du moment de cet échange entre lui et moi. Il s'est éloigné lentement par après.

By Alain Charest