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Alexis Stockford commented on "Days Gone By" 2015-01-27 2:25pm

I always love a photo that has a story attached. There are so many photos on this site that are stunning, but this is the sort of thing that arouses curiosity in the audience. I look at this and want to know more about the history of that house.
I'm also really enjoying the lighting and composition.

Alexis Stockford commented on "Colourful Sunrise" 2015-01-26 8:14pm

The prairies may be flat, but it's hard to beat our sunrises and sunsets!

Alexis Stockford commented on "Frostfire" 2015-01-26 8:12pm

Personally, I love the lighting and colour in this, but I'd like to know what others (read: people who actually know something about photography, where as I have basically learned by trail and error) think.

Alexis Stockford commented on "In the Silence of Winter" 2015-01-26 8:10pm

Very aptly named. You definitely convey that sense of stillness and hush.