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I grew up in a small city - skateboarding kept me out of trouble. A lot of skateboarders like to film each other doing tricks or a series of tricks called, "lines" We do this for independent skateboard films - it's a document of our love and progression. I soon realized I was good at this, and long story short; I began to study photography. I always had a fascination with preserving special moments. It's like an obsession for me. I began taking photos 9 years ago - it started with snaps of friends, and soon lead to the streets of Winnipeg - a nearby city - where we would go to seek out new skateboard spots. I liked the dangers of the city and capturing the "dark" side of things. I then moved out to my cottage, and on my way to work early in a summer morning. I saw a wolf eating a deer on the side of the highway. From there I studied wolves, and then owls and many other animals and birds. I now have my own place across the highway from my cabin, and I am up with the sun following the tracks of a wolf pack or a lone lynx, or listening for the call of an owl in hopes of capturing and preserving that one moment that gets me out of bed every morning.




john85 commented on "Wolf" 2015-03-11 10:29pm

Why hasn't this been published?! This is one of the best wolf photographs I have ever seen. It's a shame it didn't get chosen for the Best Wild Life of 2014 issue. This is cover worthy! Unless, it was a captive wolf, cause there is that wolf center in Golden. If it is a captive wolf - obviously a lot of points would be lost, but a superb photograph nonetheless. And if it is in fact a wild wolf... You sir are a lucky man!

john85 commented on "Ram It" 2014-03-04 8:52pm


john85 commented on "Great Gray Moon" 2014-02-24 3:15pm

Thanks Allen!

john85 commented on "Mont Tremblant Magic" 2014-02-24 4:03am


john85 commented on "Eastern Screech Owl" 2014-02-24 4:02am

woah!! great shot! my favorite owl for sure, love those little guys!

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