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I am an amateur photographer; well, I did take a one-day photography course. ;) I am an avid birder, and love taking photos of nature, and pretty much anything else I find interesting. I am so impressed by wonderful variety of photos on this website. I would love to read comments about my own photos - I can take it!




jjkpilson commented on "Pileated Woodpeckers" 2015-05-20 5:23pm

Gorgeous shot Jesse!

jjkpilson commented on "American Goldfinch" 2014-09-27 2:04pm

Wow!! Fantastic shot - I'm jealous! :)

jjkpilson commented on "Help ID: Oriole? Warbler?....." 2014-09-11 5:00pm

Love this photo! And, I appreciate your response. I think you may be right, I think it was an immature Magnolia Warbler - I also have a trustee Bird Book... :) Thank you!

jjkpilson commented on "Reflection" 2013-09-18 11:58am

Gorgeous Shelley! You must live in a remote area, or travel to one often to get the photos you do!! Lovely work - I look forward to more. Thank you!

jjkpilson commented on "Waiting for his Lady" 2013-09-09 3:56pm

Thank you - I was so happy to have gotten to see this pair in my yard, let alone get such a neat shot of them! And, I think you are right Tessa - Pine Grosbeaks it is! Thanks again!

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