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Paul Westell commented on "Orbweaver" 2018-07-06 2:41am

Thank you Sticks.


With a 300mm lens you must be pretty close, and I can't imagine they let you get much closer.
Most of my turtles just look like a distant shiny lump, even with a much longer lens.

Paul Westell commented on "Unusual Trillium with Four Petals" 2018-05-22 5:18am

It's hard to tell, but it looks as if there may be four leaves as well. It might be worth returning again next season.

Paul Westell commented on "Butter Fly" 2018-05-06 6:05pm

It looks like a "Mourning Cloak" (Nymphalis antiopa).
See this website for more information.

Paul Westell commented on "Up to no good..." 2018-05-01 11:56pm

It was weasle-proofing the bird-house I had in mind, and it looks as though rodents have begun renovations as well.

... by the way, Robyn it's a wonderful picture.

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