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Paul Westell commented on "Winter Wonder" 2019-01-04 3:06am

Absolutely wonderful.

Paul Westell commented on "Mystery Bug" 2018-12-15 11:52pm

What a beautiful bug, such a striking pattern!

It looks to me like some variety of Stinkbug, but they are a very large group. Try posting to "ID Request" at ( You will need to register and they will want the date and an approximate lat and long.

Paul Westell commented on "Pair Perched" 2018-12-08 11:25pm

I have had similar trouble in the past and this week I had to upload an image twice, is this an object lesson in hiring the lowest bidder?

Actually I have found the staff quite helpful solving difficulties, when they occur.

Paul Westell commented on "Ubiquitous" 2018-11-02 3:48am

Thank you, Sticks and Cavell

Paul Westell commented on "Where to land?" 2018-10-11 5:14pm

If you mean the JPEG cpompression level of the image itself, always set the quality as high as possible. Meaning 99% if your camera allows, certainly not lower than 85% (the default for many cameras). SD cards are cheap enough. I use a card only once, keeping them as backup.

For uploading to this site, I make a copy and resize (scale) the image to 1600 pixels on the long side. Rename the scaled version as such to keep the two versions clearly distinct. (file.jpeg file-scaled.jpeg)

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