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Richard_Zazulak commented on "A Splash of Yellow" 2016-02-04 7:26pm

Ah, the birds of winter. My favourite time of year to observe and photograph wildlife, especially birds. A beautiful portrait you created with this brilliant subject.

Richard_Zazulak commented on "Birds of Quebec" 2013-04-20 9:26pm

Beautiful pose. These are one of my favourite birds to try and photograph. Exceptional job with this image.

Richard_Zazulak commented on "Red Fox" 2013-04-18 8:50am

Richard Zazulak writes:

Ms Shelley Jacques. I am sooooo envious! Beautiful contact made with your subject. One of my goals of photographing wildlife is to get an image of a red fox, either lone or as a family. A summer project for me. Simply beautiful and an inspiration for me!