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Jim Utton is a professional freelance photographer located in Southern Ontario Canada. He has ventured in to many fields of photography which includes nature, portrait, journalism, industry and packaging .Jim finds that his outdoor photography both adventure, scenic and wildlife has been the most rewarding and fulfilling and has given him the most recognition. After arriving from England in the late 60’s to pursue a career in music, he became a professional rock and blues vocalist and renowned harmonica player. His photography is another form of showing his talent for story telling. Jim takes great pride in presenting his clients with dramatic and diverse images built to get public attention.

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diverse_eye commented on "Icy shoreline sunrise" 2013-04-11 9:49am

Great work Allen!!!

diverse_eye commented on "Red Fox" 2013-03-13 8:49pm

Great work !!! Shelley- love the eyes.

diverse_eye commented on "Great Grey Owl" 2013-03-03 4:31pm

Love the timing- love the shot ...great work!!

diverse_eye commented on "The Lookout" 2013-03-03 4:30pm

Nice work!!! Georgey boy!!

diverse_eye commented on "In All It's Glory" 2013-02-26 9:38pm

Great capture of this Bald Eagle in full flight....seeing them more and more these days, even in my home town of Cambridge, Ontario.....well done!!!

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