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kesdarwin commented on "Yeah, the weekend is here!" 2017-10-31 1:37pm

OMG....outstanding capture! He is so cute!

kesdarwin commented on "Money Reflected" 2017-10-31 1:35pm

Mr. Duke, first off you don't know me and your sarcastic comment "let me be the first to congratulate you on being inconsiderate" is, let me just say, inconsiderate! I'm far from being that person who needs to have all her photos viewed! I apologize for uploading too many photos at once and did not realize the impact on "front page" viewing. I'm afraid I don't upload photos too often so though I would get caught up a little bit and upload a bunch. I will try to be a more regular poster in the future as I quite like this Canadian Geo site and club and do not wish to cause any issues with fellow contributors. Again, my apologies. PS: I love your bear photos!