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Tigerlily commented on "Summer's Greens" 2017-08-11 8:13pm

Thank you for your vote of confidence, Jacob. This pic was a bit of a fluke...taken on the spur of the moment!

Tigerlily commented on "Monarch Butterfly" 2017-07-30 12:02pm

Haven't seen any yet but I did see two smallish Monarch caterpillars in my niece's garden just over a week ago munching on milkweed hidden in her hydrangea bushes.

Tigerlily commented on "Standing vigil" 2012-11-12 7:11am

Thank you for the reminder; it has been quite a few years since I managed to get downtown after dark to see the vigil....arthritic joints!! I have been keeping an eye on the Afghanistan Memorial in Bain Park, however, and will post some pics when I'm satisfied. Does anyone else feel this new site is like trying to manoeuvre an elephant?????