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RHarris commented on "_RH_12_695_" 2012-11-07 8:22pm

thanks debbie and valto.

RHarris commented on "_RH_12_695_" 2012-11-07 5:23pm

thank you KIm, thats kind of you :)

RHarris commented on "_RH_13_082_" 2012-11-07 2:40pm

It would be nice, just to have heard a positive comment regarding the effort that was put into the composition and processing of this image that I work so hard to achieving. Sometimes I wonder way I bother to post anything on this site anymore, the whole point seems to be lost.

RHarris commented on "_RH_13_082_" 2012-11-07 2:28pm

Well Allen, perhaps it’s because the one on the left is a female, and the one on the right is the male. The females don’t seem to grow the shoulder and head hair that the males do. But then again, I’m not a biologist, or a genetic professor that is able to explain it. It’s just something I’ve observed while photographing these animals. thanks for the critical comment .

RHarris commented on "McClary's 1929 Cookstove" 2012-10-20 5:00pm

Looks like a nice batch of yummy canned salmon going there. And I can smell the bread from here.

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