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In the corner of the square, there are several half-grown children playing roller skating, and the silvery laughter is faint in the wind. Chen Wan glanced at the book spread out on the cooking table. "Youth is a wind chime made of ice. I can only hear the crisp sound, but I can't see that it's melting away." I remember this sentence in the book. She smiled thoughtfully and indifferently. Yesterday, she and Qin Hao went to Ye Shenhui's father's funeral. She stood quietly on one side and looked carefully at a girl in the host's house. At her age, she was hidden in the shadow of the crowd, her black clothes were as white as paper, and her eyes were empty. She looked at it carefully, as if she were gazing at another world independent of all living beings. A few years ago, she should have been the same, but her soul was drifting to a distant place, against herself, against her own pain and sadness. You have to go through this. She said silently in her heart. There is always a price to pay for growth, there is always helplessness, depression, sadness and despair, and there is always a moment when youth is melted away by the years. When the kitchen door opened, she glanced back and turned her eyes to the children who had fallen to the ground on roller skating and were still laughing. That glance had brought his fatigue into his eyes. Yesterday,a333 grade 6 pipe, I came out of the funeral home and rushed to the hospital. Six fingers said on the phone that Fang Cunzheng had been cut in the back. Brother Zheng can hide quickly, or he will be split in half by a machete. Her heart and gallbladder are all cracked, and she has no master. But Qin Hao said, "He has a brother and a family to take care of him. What can you do to help?"? Clearly take the opportunity to earn sympathy points. "Are you speaking human language?" She was very stern at that time. Qin Hao's face was as black as the bottom of a pot and he did not say a word. Before going to the ward, Chen Wan's heart finally returned to its original place, ignoring the confrontation between him and Fang Cunzheng, who was lying prone on the hospital bed,x56 line pipe, and hearing his smooth breathing. He madman is jealous of the good business of our field, and opens Zhang Qi has been encouraging Zhengge to sell pills in partnership with him in the field. Brother Zheng said that we didn't do that, and we didn't do it even if we had more money. He changed the prescription and said that he was responsible for the shipment, and we could do it every month. Brother Zheng pushed again, but Madman He didn't say anything more, but Liang Zi got married more than a year ago because of this. The monkey took a puff on his cigarette and then said, "The two who stabbed Uncle Gong and caught him don't tell the truth. The one on the road who doesn't know is He Madman, and the one who tore down West Street is also him.". The hand is too long. If we don't do it in the west of the city, we don't have to mix in the future. In the past six months, he smashed his dog farm and broke several of his people. He Madman also did not know who he had offended and was turned over. It turned out that he had a criminal record in his hometown before. As soon as this was done, two people raided him, and the dog jumped over the wall in desperation. This afternoon, x56 line pipe ,x60 line pipe, brother Zheng collected Tang Hui's account and prepared to go to the Imperial Palace. Before he got on the bus, he rushed out of the slanting stab and cut a knife. Fortunately, brother Zheng hid quickly. "As I said before, how can a double-barreled shotgun be fired?" He spoke in a loud voice, which echoed in the corridor, and the nurse on duty showed her head and shrank back at once. Keep your voice down. Six fingers warned in a low voice, glancing at Qin Hao, who was standing quietly not far away, meaning something. Didn't you tell Aunt Fang? Chen Wan asked. Did the madman catch anyone? "He is a madman and a thief. We have sent our brothers to look for him all over the city to see if there is any news in these two days.". Aunt Fang didn't dare to say anything. Sister-in-law.. Six Fingers looked back at Qin Hao again. After a pause, he said, "I'm the main player on the phone. You don't know what kind of life brother Zheng has had in the past six months. I thought to myself that he would be better if you came." Chen Wan smiled at the corners of her mouth when she heard this. "It's all right. I'll be here these days." On the way back, Qin Hao still did not say a word, pursed his mouth tightly, and the cold fire in his eyes was more penetrating than the cool autumn at night. When he took a bath and went to bed, he did not stretch out his arm to hold her as usual, but remained motionless in his previous position. Chen Wan did not understand what he had to be angry about. She's given up almost everything. Isn't that enough? What else do you want from her? When he turned off the light, Qin Hao finally turned to her, and without waiting for him to reach out, Chen Wan moved away from the bed first. Only to hear the heavy breathing behind him, deadlocked for a moment, he finally could not bear to lie down again. She gazed at his back for a few seconds, pulled the quilt on her shoulder, and felt no warmth. Just like now. The wind is strong on the balcony. Hearing his hoarse voice, my heart relaxed slightly, and I was shocked to find that I was waiting for him to speak. She looked back and saw Qin Hao standing in the middle of the kitchen, with a faint blue shadow on his chin that had not yet been scraped, and a sleepless night of fatigue in his eyes. It's windy on the balcony. Come in. He said it again. What's in the stew? "Black fish soup." She opened the lid and stirred it a few times, ignoring the haze on his face. Not going to class? "I asked for leave." Stay up all night and ask for leave to go to the market early in the morning? This soup pot was also bought in the morning. He sneered. "He's lucky." Chen Wan covered the crock. If you don't like me using your kitchen, I can go back to my uncle's house tomorrow. He put the cup in his hand heavily on the cooking table, looked at her with a twisted brow, and said with a calm face, "I don't like much." When Chen Wan heard the heavy sound when he put the cup, the alarm was repeated in her heart. Before she could react, she was pulled into her arms by him. Her chin was pinched by his big palm. She shouted to him in a broken voice: "You let go!" "I don't like a lot of things. I don't like you to sleep for me to see. I don't want them to call you sister-in-law. I didn't like you to look at him with tears in his eyes." He pushed her to the cooking table and resisted her kicks and punches. His fatigue faded and his eyes were cold. He asked in a deep voice, "Have you ever cooked for me? Have you ever looked at me like that? Chen Wan, let me ask you, is he the one you like? Chen Wan's chin was pinched by him, her mouth was silent, and her fist hit him on the back, which had no effect on him. How can you look at him like that? Is he so important in your heart? Are you so distressed when he is hurt? The flame of anger burned in his heart all night, and at this time he could not suppress his desire to break out of his body. How could she look at him like that,316l stainless steel pipe, with that sad, pitying look? No wonder I can blackmail you with him. No wonder you can do whatever I do without being tempted. I thought you had no heart, but your mind was all on him. 。

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