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"Tut, haunting guy, it should in turn thank us for helping it become a level five magic object." Once again, Tyre had a new understanding of the ogre's difficulty, and the Dragon Slaughter was clearly anxious. "The ogre is a greedy and very vindictive race. We hurt him so much that he will come after us as far as he can." "So how to do it." "There are two options, one is to hide in the fortress, even if this guy no matter how noisy, as long as we hide a little tight, even if it turned upside down is useless.". The second is to ambush it, such an excellent opportunity can not be the second time. What do you say, Mr. 123? Which side do you choose? "Do you think this is a matter of choice?" Not to mention Tyre herself, it is impossible for her to hide in the fortress with the character of the Dragon Slaughter. Is there any battle in the ambush? "Um.." There is a guard booth on the opposite side of the fort. You hide in it, and I'll hide here. When the time comes, I'll rush up and be caught off guard. "Wow, that's a simple and crude tactic." "I have no talent for this, or you can think about it." Long Tu rolled his eyes and pouted his mouth,facial recognition thermometer, but he was a little unhappy. Tyre had to answer helplessly with a wave of his hands. "All right, all right, let's fight like this. I haven't thought about anything." "It's true that occasionally you have to use your brain and ask me all the time. Sometimes if you can't answer it, your dignity will still be hit." Long Tu said, pointing with his little hand. "Go to the opposite side. The big guys are coming soon." "Good." Tyr dodged and disappeared into the field of vision of the Dragon Slaughter, and when he looked again, the other side had already darted into the sentry box. Long Tu saw the other side to leave this just greatly sighed,Interactive digital signage, raised his right hand to touch five simple rings on his fingers, could not help muttering. "I don't think so." 2 The Kingdom of Milik, with its extremely martial warriors and money-obsessed merchants, has created a thriving kingdom today. The Tiphimiya Tunnel was built under the appeal of many businessmen, and it is precisely because of this that businessmen have better and faster circulation transactions, and the security is almost 100%. Recently, however, due to an attack on the Great Tunnel by a demon king, Tiphimia was paralyzed by a blockade during this period. The kingdom of the demon king had declared that it had sent troops to clear it, but the tracks had to be repaired for half a year because of the fierce bombardment. This was the time to kill the merchants. Cursing the long-dead demon king while trying to take a shortcut from the outskirts of the funeral forest to other countries to trade, such an adventure also caused the death of a large number of merchants, face detection android ,digital signage kiosk, although it has not been able to shake the extent of the Kingdom of Milik, but it is also a sad thing. Tiphimiya Tunnel needs to be blocked from the city of Rum to the popular mountain range, which is nearly 1000 kilometers long. The city of Rum has sent local mercenaries to carry out the same blockade as the half-year mission, while the popular mountain range is heavily guarded by the military, which does not allow any idle people to approach. Magais, a strong man with the strength of the Son of Heaven, not only achieved the title of mercenary, but also the supreme leader of the army, with the status of viscount. What he was sent here was not his strength or position, but his meticulous attitude towards everything. At this time, Magais was in his office looking at the recent series of expenses in the army and the contradictions of some soldiers in each regiment, since it was a place where there were people, there would be disputes, which was the fact that Magais also had to admit that the contradictions among his subordinates in each regiment should not have been a trivial matter that he needed to intervene in. But if it is completely ignored, it will probably chill the hearts of the people below. Although he did not occasionally hear his subordinates speak ill of him, Magais hoped that he could do better, even in such an idle underground tunnel, he had to play a hundred and twenty points of spirit. Hmm? Mags frowned suddenly and looked out of the window. "The vibration of the magic gas.". ” "Are you aware of this, Captain Margais?" Suddenly pushing the door and entering was a man with short blue hair, dressed in a clean and tidy uniform, which made people feel good at first sight. Malone, you're just in time. The shock must have come from inside the sealed tunnel, and there may have been a collapse. I think you know very well that when both sides are completely sealed, there should be no other creatures in the sealed area. “...... Captain of the army of Magas, his men are willing to go first to investigate. "Okay, but this time it's a big deal. I'll go with you. You go down first and order the follow-up troops to set out immediately." "Yes!" The forty-ninth issue is over Mags said, went to the window, pushed it open, and flew out. That's right! Is to fly, as the "Son of Heaven" level of the strong with ordinary people can hardly imagine the power, flying is one of them. After skimming the ground and looking at his soldiers with amazement and awe, Magais rushed through the blockade line like a cannonball and flew deep into the tunnel, and the wind pressure brought by his speed made the whole garrison gale. Not long after, another man also took off and caught up with him at a speed not much slower than that of Magais. My God, what happened to the army captain and the first colonel? Did something big happen in the tunnel? "Hush, how can we talk about such a thing?". If there's no order from above, just pretend you didn't see anything, okay? "But I didn't expect the first regimental commander to be so powerful that he was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the army captain at the level of the Son of Heaven." "Shoulder to shoulder?"? Colonel Malone was taught by the captain of the army,temperature screening kiosk, and there is no comparison between the two! While everyone was talking, the first legion stationed in the area also crossed the blockade line one after another and rushed to the depths with a neat pace. The wrinkles between Magas's eyebrows had not been loosened, because the location of the magic gas vibration was vaguely that place. The place where he was told by his superiors but could not let himself get close to it.

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