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Xuanyue murmured, "These men in black are too good at picking time. Now those black people, who can fight back?" The Yalian people were at a loss in the sudden attack, and even the three chiefs were somewhat confused. In this grand festival, most of the Yali people are swaying here and there. How can they organize an effective counterattack? Although the number is much larger than that of the enemy, they are completely caught in a massacre. Dumb's Tiangang sword sparkled with white fighting spirit. When he rushed below, more than a thousand men in black had successfully pierced out of the bonfire party and were turning around not far away to assemble a team, ready to attack again. At the bonfire party. Hundreds of bodies were left behind, and countless people were injured. Most of them are old people, women and children who have no time to escape. Dumb had never seen so many people die, and amid the cries of the people, he was filled with grief and indignation. Among the corpses, a few young people had just challenged him again, but now they had turned into a cold corpse. Dumb gave a loud shout and held the Tiangang Sword in both hands. He rushed to the man in black in the distance. A large area of the people of the Aryan people are frantically fleeing around. They don't seem to understand that after the separation, they will have no resistance. Wait a minute An agile figure jumped out from the side and stopped in front of Dumb. It was the rock. He grabbed Dumb's body. "Brother, what are you doing?" Dumb's eyes were red with excitement and he shouted, "I'm going to settle accounts with the executioners. Brother, look how many people they killed!"! That's hundreds of lives! Rock and Rock Force were drinking with Tubari when the man in black appeared, and they didn't react at first. By the time they realized there was a sneak attack, the black knight had rushed into the bonfire party. They themselves were on the periphery, and the enemy's onslaught caused the Aran people to flee in all directions,digital touch screen board, blocking their route of advance, so they could not rush to the innermost until now. Just in time to meet an angry Dumb. The rock looked at the man in black, who had turned around and rushed back, and said in a deep voice, "These guys are premeditated. It seems that it is impossible not to go all out. In order to avoid more casualties, let's try to resist for a while. When the Yali clan is no longer in chaos under their chief's rectification, we don't have to be afraid of these bastards." Yan Li was so heroic that he shouted,touch screen interactive whiteboard, "Well, let us three brothers fight with these bastards." With these words, he waved the tomahawk in his hand and made a look that although thousands of people had gone to me. The kindness in Dumb's heart had already been diluted by the previous killing. He nodded heavily and said, "Two elder brothers, let's rush up. Otherwise, more people will die." The Rock laughed and said, "Well, I haven't had a good time for a long time. Let's go." Say that finish, three people to three to leave the string like an arrow rushed out, a Dai in the middle, rock, rock force around, soon met the horse team rushed over. The Rock, who was arguably the most sober of the three, shouted, digital interactive whiteboard ,interactive boards for classrooms, "Cut the horse's legs." Say that finish, high up in the hands of the long knife, yellow fighting gas burst out suddenly, a half arc of yellow awn electric shot out, straight to the front of several horses under the chop. Rock force and rock get along for the longest time, the two brothers can be said to be of the same mind, two tomahawks almost at the same time split out two yellow fighting light, the front of a dozen horses immediately fell to the ground in a lament, behind the knight who rushed up was accompanied by a fall. The torrent, which was originally line-ups and neat, was suddenly in a slight mess. Dumb's brain was slow, and when the rock shouted out, he had already jumped high, and he didn't care to cut off the horse's legs. With a shout of anger, his hands drove the Tiangang Sword, and the white fighting spirit sent out three feet of cold awn, bombarding heavily in the ranks of knights who rushed up from behind. The three knights bear the brunt, immediately by dumb cut off the horse, the rest of the strength of their crotch horse is also divided into two, it can be seen that dumb in this anger of a sword of great power. Rock and rock force to see dumb attack is also a foot, they have never seen dumb so angry, two people have no time to hesitate, they can not let dumb body since such a tight encirclement, each brandishing their own weapons rushed up. One sword, one knife and two axes, when the man in black thought that the Yali people had no power to fight back, successfully blocked the other side's forward steps and created chaos. Dumb was already red-eyed, and his mind kept flashing the tragic death of the Yazhao people. His men showed no mercy, and every time a sword was wielded, several knights were bound to be cut off. Under the attack of three people. In a short time, dozens of knights were killed. But the men in black are more numerous than the others. Dumb three people also have some minor injuries. The rock found that the black knight had separated two teams of people from behind, he clearly knew that although their own three people are not weak, but once surrounded by these men in black, I am afraid there is no possibility of survival. As soon as he grabbed it, he wanted to rush forward and shouted, "Let's go quickly." With that, he turned and killed a black knight. He rushed out with Dumb and Yanli. The Black Knight obviously didn't want to give them the chance. The formation was adjusted very quickly, and they were surrounded in an instant. Three of the men in black flew out from the rear of the group. Respectively pounced on Dumb three people, after sacrificing dozens of men, the head of the other side finally appeared. Clang clang clang a few ice blade crash sounded, the impact of the three men was abruptly blocked back, although the three men in black who hit them were also repelled, the rest of the knights still left several wounds on their bodies. The situation of encirclement has been formed. No matter how strong they are, it is impossible for them to break out of the tight encirclement. Countless steel knives are like the hands of hell. Constantly summoning to the Dumb Three, their power is weakening a little bit, and the number of corpses around them is also increasing. Just as the three men were about to lose their support,classroom interactive whiteboard, a clear phoenix sounded, the dark sky suddenly lit up, and a huge fire phoenix with a diameter of three meters suddenly rushed to the black knights.

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