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"Because the demon power of the anti-soul incense is the anti-soul, as long as she uses the demon power, it will be fragrant for several miles, and all the corpses will stand up when they smell the incense." "Isn't that a fake corpse?" "Not the same.". Deceiving a corpse is still a corpse. The demon power of anti-soul incense can revive the corpse. If the soul of the deceased is nearby at that time, it will revive into a living person. If it is too far away, it will become a living death. The body of the living dead is alive, but there is no soul, that is to say, there is no consciousness. These living dead are not afraid of pain, and it is much more difficult to kill them again than to kill a person. Anti-soul incense is to use these living dead to protect themselves. If you invite her here, I will change the inner alchemy for the little fox. She must die once, and then let the anti-soul incense help revive immediately. That's all. "I see. So she has to volunteer?" "Of course, her demon power will not be revealed at ordinary times, only if she is willing to use it can she revive the creature!" "Where is he?" "I remember that she used to practice in the Taoist temple of Heyan Zhenren, but later she was exiled to the Japanese island because she did something wrong, where the monsters who made mistakes were exiled." "Japan?"? Why are there so many monsters over there! It's a place of exile for a long time! "The penal colony is true,artificial banyan trees, but there are more monsters on our side than on the other side.". It's just that the exiles are all monsters who do bad things, that is, criminals, so the monsters on their side generally prefer to do bad things. The monsters on our side are all disciplined. They practice in each Lingshan Fairy Pool. If they practice well, they can become mythical beasts like Shenlong, Kirin and Phoenix and be admired by everyone. "Dizzy!"! It's not easy to be a monster! The competition is so fierce! Let's do this! You prepare all kinds of things you need here first. I will go to Japan to find anti-soul incense and catch a monster by the way. Two little foxes,silk ficus tree, put them here first, and you help me watch them. "There is a general guarding the mountain in Kirin Mountain. I'll just say hello. You saw his strength last time." "I'm relieved to have him here." The fighting power of that God is super terrible. Foxes are smart animals and know when to be good. Although still need to prepare a monster to start, but there is already a way I am not anxious, anyway, there is no time limit for this mission, but the sooner you get the labor and supplies, the better. When I left, Mr. Polaris gave me a gossip mirror, which is the treasure of Mr. Polaris and is specially used to install monsters. As long as you hurt the monster, you can use this mirror to put the monster in when he is weak, not afraid that he will run out and not take up space. Unfortunately, Mr. Polaris has repeatedly stressed that it is only borrowed from me, silk olive tree ,large palm trees for sale, not given to me, and I have been thinking about how to embezzle this treasure. There is no reason to spit out what you eat! After returning to Isengard, I didn't stay much and went directly to Tianyu City in Europe. Let the roses go to buy the mountain funds and contract issues are all half finished, the whole death mountain is the territory of our frost rose alliance. The stronghold of the Temple of Darkness received a deployment order from us to evacuate the Death Mountains. I led my men to build walls at several exits of the mountains, and the whole mountain became a city. This will be our European base from now on. After I finished everything, I took the rose to the exit of the Death Mountains to Switzerland and looked at the ring of stars on my hand. The task of this ring was a task I had received earlier. But at the beginning, the level was not high enough, and it was delayed until now in order to fully prepare. Permanently neutral, here I come. Volume VII Chapter XXII Deep into Switzerland Mobile E-book ยท Feiku Net Update Time: May 28, 2007 16:35:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 6305 Leave the center of the Death Mountains and enter the part of Switzerland. At first, Rose and I could ride the night shadow forward, but gradually the road became more and more uneven, and I found that the road we took had been extending downward, and the mountain walls on both sides of the road were gradually closing together, it seemed that there was a tendency to connect together, we had to walk forward! After a few kilometers, as we thought, the mountain really closed together, we took the road into a underpass, really did not expect this exit will be like this! We took out the torches that the roses had prepared before and lit them, and we moved on. The underpass was also uneven. It was full of a lot of rubble and things that shouldn't have been there. In some places, there were even rocks several meters high. You had to climb to the top to get over them. Fortunately, I had wings and it was not a problem to climb. Rose found a red-colored thing in the crevice between several rocks, because it was too short to see what it was, anyway, it was not natural. Pinch the top of the red object and pull it up. As a result, the object was crushed as soon as it was forced. I clapped the red powdery substance on my hands. It looks like rust! Rose dipped a little in her hand, put it in front of her nose, sniffed it, and then patted it off. It's rust. It looks like something's buried under it. "Dig it out and see?" "Yes." I reached into the crevice of the rock next to me and lifted the rock to one side, revealing a red stick of more than 60 centimeters, but it was still in the rock below. You step back a little. It looks like it's buried deeper. I'm going to dig bigger. Rose took the torch from my hand and stood aside. I began to throw the rock away with great fanfare. Soon the red object was dug out, and a long object was inserted under it. Rose came back with a torch to illuminate the pit, which was much clearer. After a long time of identification, Rose finally recognized it first. Ah! It's a corpse! "A corpse?" Let me take a look at that long object. According to Rose, it really looks like a corpse. The lower part of the strip was obviously once two legs, but it seems that the knight's armor was too rusted and connected together. The arm of the corpse above could not be found,silk ficus tree, and the head was still there, but the problem was that the two-meter-long red stick was in the position of the head. It was obviously a body nailed to the ground by a spear through the door, and the tail of the spear was sticking out of the ground just now.

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